The Trilogy Activator

Adriana Romero is a luminous soul of pure love, joy, and ancient knowledge. She is a direct bloodline from the ancient creators of this Planet. She has full connections to Source, Elementals, Mother Earth, the Angels, the Animal Kingdom, Spirits, and all Energetic Beings. Given a choice to return back home, she chose to incarnate back on earth because she did not want to give up on humanity. She believes and holds faith that all souls will lift, shift and evolve together working as one towards ascension.

Her life’s hardships were done "for her" not "to her", making them blessings in disguise. Each one was making her relatable to that of her future soul-assignments. Which is why her awakening process was one that came fast, strong and with a lot of healing, expansion, self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, confusion, understanding, patience, and hard physical lessons. 

She understands how intimidating and lonely the awakening process can be without having an encouraging, loving and understandable support system by your side and as guidance. She believes everyone deserves to tap into their powers and live the life they are meant to live. One filled with joy, love, happiness, abundance, and prosperity.

Her soul-work mission is to work alongside the soul's on this earth, guide them through their journey, travel deep with into their darkness and help light their pathways. To unbind, unrestrained,  and release them from the shackles that have been put on them. Finally, to activate their soul's inner trilogy; heart, soul and spirit and bring out their Luminous Inner Light.