Happy Hearts & Souls

Diana Santamaria

Roya Associates

Friday eve much needed Reiki session. Was experiencing some stomach Discomfort and bit of stress. Luminous Inner Healing was my sanctuary for an hour. My visit was welcomed with open arms, listening ears and peace. I can sincerely say I left my appointment de-stressed and rejuvenated. I woke up on Saturday morning without my stomach discomfort and to date it still has not returned! The space is warm and the sound of the brook outside the healing room is calming. You are literally taken to a peaceful state of mind.

Diana C

I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and other personal challenges so I decided to take some time for me and attend this session. I can only say from the minute I walked in I felt a sense of peace in the space. Session proceeded with a group of great ladies. Adriana lead the meditation session with clarity, peace, knowledge and positive energy. After meditation, feelings were briefly shared in an open and judge free environment. I left the session feeling relaxed and at peace. 

Yannell Ayala 

Well.... where can I start, Adriana is an amazing soul full of joy ready to share with anyone always. I have been reconnecting/knowing her for a Year now. So glad I did so will you.. I have done Reiky, Cleansing & Balance Chakras. It feels amazing you won’t regret if you give her a chance. Just an advance; you will stick to her after and forever... Love Her. :)  

L.Be Sholar

Frequency Worker and founder of Farm-Based Foodie

I had the privilege of collaborating with Adriana during a wellness event. She provided Reiki for the participants, I provided the frequency work/sound healing, and another healer provided yoga instruction. The energy she brought to the event, from the preparation to the execution, was so positive, thoughtful, intuitive, and bright. She is a generous, loving soul, and all who were present benefited greatly from her thorough and detailed attentions. I'm grateful to have had the experience of working with such a beautiful Healer.

Courtney Pierre

Team Pierre Fitness 

I have been working with Adriana the Angel for about 6 months now and in that time she has done spiritual reconstruction on me. To my knowledge we have done chakra cleansing, past life regression, soul journey, detaching and releasing ego.


Chenoa S. Brown Pierre

I cannot begin to describe how life changing our sessions with Adriana have been. The moment that our paths crossed, I knew that it would be a lifetime bond. She has guided and continues to guide my husband and myself on this beautiful journey of spiritual healing. We have learned things about ourselves that I don’t think we would have without her. To say that she is a blessing would be an understatement. Her light is infectiously beautiful and she’s encouraging. She is a wonderful lightworker and healer. Her openness and the way that she is relatable makes each session the highlight of my week!!! I get so excited when I know a session with her is coming up. Learning about myself and my power has been empowering and Adriana always makes sure that I’m comfortable with her conversation. She’s beyond amazing!


Sandra Marquez 

Try her! Adriana performed a distance healing on me and she was professional, thoughtful and insightful. Being an energy healer myself I find it important to get healing and I trust Adriana. My experience was both spiritually healing and relaxing.

Oneida Acosta

My first distance reiki healing session was very beneficial to me because I never felt so relaxed, and at peace. Before the session was administered, I was a little stressed, overwhelmed and was experiencing pain on my right shoulder. These are the things that were mentioned and Adriana focused mostly on those areas. I do have to say my shoulder pain went away the next day which was unbelievable. I felt so good and relaxed. Stress free. Thank you for such an awesome experience and for healing my shoulder.


Francisco J Cisneros

Gracias Adriana por la sesión reiki por videollamada me encanto después de la sección me sentí mucho mejor más tranquilidad pude descansar más la verdad lo recomiendo se den oportunidad apare de que eres una persona con gran espíritu das motivación encantado.