What is Inner Trilogy School? “The Blueprint to Activating your Heart, Soul and Spirit”

Inner Trilogy School is a sacred place where you will find courses that will expand your heart, connect you to your soul and help you live through your spirit. These courses will activate your I.T, re-construct your DNA, connect you with your linage, spirit team/the angels, and guide you in reclaiming and stepping into your divine powers. You will also meet beautiful souls with your same conscious frequency, build a community or reunite with your soul family.

You will discover, learn, expand, and step into your soul’s true highest purpose, as a healer, activator, lightworker, or which ever call your soul answers. 

What is the Inner Trilogy?

The heart is your souls’ translator. The soul is your spirits’ activator. The spirit is true essence to oneness.

What is the heart? your connector and key in the physical/3D world. What is the soul? your key connector between the physical and spirit world. What is spirit? the true essence of your existence. The three make up your inner trilogy. By expanding your heart, we will be able to start the activation process. 

Online Activation Courses Offered


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What does the S.J.A course offer: 

It is a personal development & certified course, starting (NEXT COURSE STARTING SOON) we will meet for six weeks ONLINE every WEDNESDAY from 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST Throughout the 6 weeks, I will create and hold a sacred place for you to journey into your soul’s activation. In this journey you will reconnect, reactivate, and reclaim your divine gifts. You will have a full DNA re-calibration and integration. You will learn: 

  • 1. A - The importance of mediation, how to meditate (tailoring it to resonate with you), and breath-work. 
  • 1. B – How to clear your space/surroundings 
  • 2. A - The meaning and importance of Intentions & Affirmations. 
  • 2. B - Student Attunement to entire course/materials, and IT energy activation. 
  • 3. The Seven Chakras 
  • 4. What is Energy and What is Alchemy. 
  • 5. What are the Clair Gifts and Re-connecting to them 
  • 6. What is and How-to Shadow Work (putting into practice wks. 1-5) 
  • 6.5 Heart & Soul Unbinding Ceremony – Contract Dissolution's from past, current and future lifetimes, across all spaces in all timeliness. Pertaining to anything keeping you from aligning you with your soul’s highest calling. 

After completion of this course and its assignments, you will not only have a blue print to your own soul journey activation but the blue print to activate others. Giving you the confidence, ability, and option to step into your soul’s calling if you chose to.