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If you were lead to my website or are just searching through the internet to find your soul's healing mentor, chances are you have heard your soul's call for activation and are ready to put in the work. Whether you choose Luminous Inner Healing as your activation soul place or not, I just want to say THANK YOU for showing up and for the courage to answer your soul's call in activating your inner trilogy. 

God, your higher-self, your spiritual team, and soul family (me included) welcome you with open arms, heart, soul, and spirit. We are all ready to take this journey with you. This path will not be peachy, it will be one filled with shadow dancing, traveling to your inner hidden secrets, self-discovery, authenticity, liberation, forgiveness, and activation. A path whose final destination leads to reclaiming of what was, is, and will always be yours by birthright... Confidence, inner-trust, happiness, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, manifestation, and endless divine support. Your Inner Trilogy Activation.

IET practitioner, reiki practitioner, spirit guide, spiritual teacher, healer, energy activator


A Luminous healing session with Adriana is uniquely designed to activate your inner trilogy; heart, soul, and spirit. In each session, you will unblock, release and activate all that is in alignment for your highest good. She will create and hold space for you in a sacred vortex filled with love, encouragement, guidance, and support. It is your sacred space where you will feel safe, empowered and surrounded by your divine family.