We're born filled with innocence, light, love, guardian angels, divine spirit team, and many magical gifts. It is our birthright and the only thing encoded into our DNA, but as we get older and start to travel through life's cycles; baby, young child, teenager, young adult and finally adulthood. We stray away and give up that birthright throughout our many travels. We settle into a "limited belief system" filled with expectations, hardships, sacrifices, self-inflicted pain, selfishness, hurt, judgment, envy, jealousy, greed and so on. We are "programmed" to think this is the path to walk until God calls us home. It's a life not suitable for anyone, and which many think has no escape. It is why many turn to substances abuse, promiscuity to ease their inner pain and even suicide to escape their current "reality."

It takes a traumatic aftermath effect to internally shake us. This shock-wave felt throughout our inner core, creates the feeling of us being shifted "out of place." This is the turn of events when we start to question ourselves, everything we've done and lived up to that date. What we once thought to be satisfying and real, suddenly becomes a blur, questionable and unsatisfying. We start to see things differently. We begin to "feel" emotions never once felt before; isolation, confusion, anxiety and social displaced. We think back to the traumatic shock-wave that caused this unexplained inner shift. All of a sudden, it seems like you're alone, you can't talk to anyone, and you begin to experience the ongoing sense of "Deja Vu." You start to ask yourself, Am I crazy? What is happing to me? What is this dark, lonely inner feeling? Then you don't speak about it to anyone, in fear of being judged and tagged by society. 

Well my Luminous soul, allow me to reconfirm or be the first to notify you of your Soul's AWAKENING. Your soul has been awakened, and its ready to re-claim, re-activate, and re-calibrate to its true essence. That feeling of your inner core being shifted "out of place," was the feeling of your soul shifting "back into place." The constant "Deja Vu" moments are your "soul's memories" coming to remembrance. What your physical-self thought was "normal," your soul remembered otherwise. That "dark, lonely inner feeling," is your Luminous Light asking to be healed so it may shine brightly for all to see. Are you ready to step into a life filled with joy, love, manifestation, and abundance? If you answered yes to one or all, means it's time to get to work and start your Luminous Inner Healing.